The Real King Of Card Games

Card games have been one of the principle recreations of man. Of these card games, the games based on the 52 card pack have been the most popular. It has given rise to a plethora of fascinating games. Some of these games are mighty intellectual pass times of the high browed, like Contract Bridge and its younger brother Auction Bridge. Some of the renowned brains of our times have been masters of Bridge like mathematical genius Bertrand Russell and the international star and Oscar winning Egyptian actor of Hollywood Omar Sharif. Literally thousands of card games now exist all over the world. But it is the game of Poker that has captured the heart of card players around the world.

Possibly originating in the Wild West, Poker has adorned the most stylish Casinos as well as Drunken Cowboy Saloons and Gun Fighting Speakeasies. Simple in its structure, poker still invites the finest of skills and depth of psychological analysis. But Poker has always been limited to groups of two to eight players only, sitting in close contact with each other in closed spaces. Each Poker game has been limited and fixed to its habitat and it could not be shared amongst people away from the scene of action. All this changed however with coming of online gambling, particularly the Bandarq form of online Poker.

The New Poker

Online Poker has swept the gambling world like a fever. Originating from Indonesia, ceme keliling online Poker is for both Professionals as well as Beginners of gambling. It allows beginners to open with the lowest bets and start with a minimum deposit of only 10k. This is a game of high skill and experience, and is not between the House and the Bettor. Rather, it is between the players who are all online and may be separated by vast distances across the Earth. The number of players who can participate is two to eight.

Apart from the low minimum deposit meant for beginners, these sites also give out an additional bonus of ten thousand more chips that will automatically go directly into the game account. There is another advantage on these sites. Players do not need a bank account in order to register and play. The Electronic Money Application is an alternative to declaring a bank account. Thus, this form of online Poker is secure, with high odds for both the amateur and the professional.