Guide on QQ Game

QQ Games is an online multiplayer games service, provided by Tencent America, where you can play all the games without paying any subscription. QQ Games is an official plugin for AOL Instant Messenger and it offers a wide collection of online casual games that are totally multiplayer and free.

How to access QQ game


In order to access this kind of free game a player needs to follow these steps

  • First is to download the game qq This application can install or launch in laptops, mobile phones, tablets, and computer. It requires an AIM, it is important to install the AIM already to have an account. Once inside QQ games, a player can choose from all the available games at the left-side tab. A player just needs to simply click the favorite game, wait for the game load and then click the play now button.
  • Then, challenge AIM friends to play and serves as opponents. Form a team, or as QQ games are completely played online a player will always have the chance of meeting people and making a new relationship. The graphics and sound effects of this game are great. Two things against, one is that the games take a long time loading, and the other has to wait a lot of time until other players join a game.

Things to know about QQ Games

QQ Games joins classic-style online games with live players, live chat, and live multiplayer match. It’s a free client download with tons of online multiplayer games extending from cards and pool to puzzles, action, and plan. All of the games are multiplayer, so hanging out and chatting with real people, and playing facing fresh competition. Can scan online players, check their scores, check their photo, and choose an opponent. It is better to do to choose someone that has the same capabilities.  Live game, or bouncing from room to room chatting, there are thousands of people hanging out together on QQ Games right now chatting, competing, making friends, and playing games.