Means and Payment Options for Online Poker

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Many players are wondering how to deposit and withdraw money to play poker online. Find the best ways and payment options and the safest offered by the poker rooms. Playing poker online is easy, as is the process of creating a new account when you register. But once you want to make your first deposit (which will often open the door to interesting promotions), perhaps you will ask yourself what are the best means and payment options in terms of reputation, ease of use and course safety. The question will also arise when it comes to withdrawing your first winnings. Among the deposit means available are many electronic wallets (or wallets), one of the easiest options  101 on setting up a LiteCoin Wallet to easily manage your money transfers to the poker rooms. We cannot advise you too much to privilege those renowned because of confidence, and whose seriousness is not to prove anymore.


Like most credit cards, the Master card is accepted on the vast majority of online poker rooms. To obtain a Master card (different levels at different annual rates are available, depending on your needs), you must apply to your bank. This card will be associated with a unique PIN  that you will never have to communicate, 101 on setting up a LiteCoin Wallet  including any service or employee of your poker room!

best online poker

At the time of your registration, the only information you will need to provide is your identity (as it appears on the card), the expiry date of the card, its number, and the last three digits that make up the security number on the back of the card.

If your Master card is valid and accepted by the gambling hall, you can start depositing and playing in real money.

However, be careful to inquire with your bank, because some institutions may refuse transactions from the poker rooms, even if the entry into force of the new legislation related to legal poker in Asia, clarified things from this point of view.

Note that the Maestro card, a widespread version of the MasterCard in debit card version only, is only rarely accepted. Just like the Go Play prepaid card which is only rarely offered.


Discover the Visa card, an easy and fast way to transfer money to an online poker room, safely.

We no longer present the Visa card, one of the most famous and most secure bank cards in the world and have been for several decades as well.

To use it, simply register your card when you first deposit by filling out a form with information such as the card number, expiry date, the name on the card, the visual cryptogram (these are the last three numbers of the number on the back of your card). These data are most often kept on the site (in a secure way) to facilitate subsea