Relation between casinos & religion


Gambling is present in the society from ages. In can be traced f back to the Paleolithic period. A 3000 BC dated dice had been found in Mesopotamia. There are many references and instances made in the Hindu mythology as kings used to play gambling games for their entertainment. The legal age of gambling is capped between 18 years and 21 years. They may vary from region to region. Gambling has been banned since centuries and suppressed from very long time in many parts of the world. Either it is banned or if it is legalized, then it is under very stringent regulation and is done through licensing. In the present scenario restrictions on gambling have eased out and has turned into a huge industry. There are many casino houses in many parts of the world which people can visit and play casino games and enjoy it. The appearance of online casino gaming cannot be underestimated. It has lead to growth in casino industry by manifolds. There numerous websites available online like 918kiss providing such casino games like slot games, poker, blackjack, dice game roulette and many more games.

Religion plays an important role in the though process of the societies. Different religion has different view on the gambling activity.  In Judaism, gabling is termed as a very bad activity and even disqualify professional gambles from any testifying. In Islam gambling is considered as sin and all the variations within the community there’s a united consensus on it being harmful for Muslims. This is one of the major reason because of which casino is banned in many Muslim dominated countries like Indonesia. In Protestantism, gambling has been forbidden by the law and members are discouraged to take up this activity and feeds on though that the urge gamble comes out of greediness. In Christianity, gambling is not frowned upon, it suggests as long as the chances of winning and losing are equal, there is no fraud and the parties don’t know the outcome it is a fair and also one know his or her limits and the purpose of doing this activity is entertainment  not for making living out of it. Gambling is not a bad activity. But many bishops are of the view that it may tempt people and can harmful for society. Hinduism testifies that gambling was popular but at the same time it also states should be controlled and taxed.

Hence we can easily see that in countries dominated with Christianity there more casino s houses then compared to the country where religious view are against it.