Telltale signs that make an online poker site a fake

Going on Vacation at the Casino

You are completely excited to sign-up and make your first deposit to a particular online poker site that you have come across while browsing to start playing online poker and hopefully win money.

However, you end up losing a lot of money, not because of losing a game, but from a fake online poker site that seemed to appear as a wolf in a sheep’s clothing. To prevent this from happening again, check out the four telltale signs that make a fake online poker site courtesy of Pkv Games Online.

  • Terms and conditions are not readable– Even before you can proceed to complete your registration of an online poker site, you are required to click the checkbox as a sign that you agree with the site’s terms and conditions. Legitimate online poker sites have bold and readable terms and conditions so that players can easily read it, unlike fake sites that do not even have terms and conditions at all. Terms and conditions are a very important aspect of telling if an online casino site is legitimate, so before you decide to sign-up with a particular site, look for it first and read it thoroughly and check for any grammatical errors or sentences.

  • Very slow payout and even no payout at all– Legitimate online poker and casino sites usually process your winnings instantly taking only a few days or a few hours before the transaction has been completed. Fake sites take weeks to receive the payout or worse not receive it all. Legitimate online poker sites have a 24/7 chat support hotline ready to aid its clients when there is a technical error on their side with regards to transactions. These kinds of incidents happen to countries that do not allow or do not legalize online casino sites.
  • You cannot access your account anymore– This could be an online poker player’s worst nightmare to happen because of registering to a fake online poker site. Just imagine all the deposits in the account that is gone instantly without any notice at all. Legitimate online poker sites may have downtimes because it has undergone website maintenance but it only takes a few hours or a day in maximum but it does not mean your account will vanish without any trace.
  • Too good to be true bonuses-Admit it, you are one of those online poker players who is easily lured to promotional offers and generous bonuses from online poker sites but you should always be skeptical or suspicious if an online poker site gives you a bonus that is more than enough of what you pay for them.