Tips to beat the dealer in blackjack


Blackjack is one of the most played games in the online casino. It is a game that can be played both in the online and land based casino. If you ask the blackjack lovers why do they prefer playing only blackjack the most common response you will receive from them is that the game has very simple and it has more chances of winning. Both the points are exactly correct as the rules of it are very easy and if you apply correct strategies you can easily win the game. The simple logic of you getting a blackjack is that you need to get one ten valued card and an ace. Let us see some basic tips on how to beat the dealer in this game.

  • Forget about number twenty one: The main reason why most people lose the blackjack match to the dealer because they are only focused on getting the blackjack number that is twenty-one. But you don’t need to get twenty one to beat the dealer. You can are holding thirteen and the dealer is bust then also you win the game and you will receive the same amount. So you should only put your attention on your cards and dealer cards and only think about how to beat the dealer.

  • Avoid sucker bets: If you are trying to beat the dealer by playing multiple games that means you are on right track and also avoiding the sucker bet. The sucker bet means that having many side bets along with buying insurance. These are very risky bets but have big payouts but the winning chance of the players is very less in this kind of bet as the odds in these bets are very bad. And coming to insurance bets which you generally find in online casinos it is never a good idea of betting.
  • Play with strategies: The rules of the blackjack are the same for a very long time so there is nothing new which you can do. But you can find many different strategies provided by the experts of blackjack which you can learn completely and use those strategies to beat the dealer. You should very well understand when to surrender, when to split and when to double down. It is not that you will win all the games if you play with strategies but for sure you will decrease the chances of dealers win.
  • Practice: The most important point is to practice more the more you learn the better you become. You can play a low wager blackjack game for practicing all the different strategies. 


Hope the above information will help you to increase your winning chances. Happy gaming!!