Many casinos have a lot of slot machines and they tend to take up the most space. That is one of the reasons why most casino players favor the slots over other games. Those who try their luck at table games often choose to play Poker, Blackjack, or Baccarat. What most players do not know is that there are so many other options aside from those three. They only focus on what is popular and tend to ignore what is not. But, these games are as exciting and thrilling as popular card games.

Let It Ride

In this version of Five Card Stud, it is not the dealer or the other players you go against with. There is a paytable that starts with a pair of tens or better. Players get their payment based on that table. Players place three wagers with equal size to start. They receive three cards each and the dealer puts two cards face up on the table. Players can combine the two cards with the three they have to form the best Poker hand. They may pull one wager back or let it ride after they get the three cards. They may also do this after the dealer puts the first faced up card on the table. A player should have at least one wager on the table and at most three.

Casino War

One of the easiest casino games, Casino War is a game you should try. You place a bet and then both you and the dealer receive a faced-up card each. Whoever gets the higher card wins. You get even money if you win and you surrender your full wager if you lose. There are two options in case there is a tie. You can fold and get half of your bet back. Or you can double your bet and go to war. If you proceed to the war round, you and the dealer receive four down cards and a faced up card each. Whoever gets a higher faced up card wins. You lose your full wager if the dealer wins. You receive even money on half your bet if you win. The other half is a push.

There are various online casinos around the world, like, offering different card games. Try to play each game to have a wonderful casino experience. It would be best to choose easy games with big payouts.