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It’s the year 2020, and most of our day-to-day operations are going online nowadays. Some countries are adapting faster than most, based on their existing infrastructure. In today’s context, most of the people’s recreational activities have also undergone a paradigm shift and migrated online.

Xe88 latest apk: Current Scenario

When most Indians think online games, gambling isn’t usually the first thing that pops into their heads. Granted, gambling is still in a very barebones phase in the country as of today. Why? Because there’s still an aura of uncertainty surrounding the entire setup in India. So much of it remains obscure that beginners often get cold feet.

In other words, the gambling scene in India is very niche, growing in small baby steps. Studies have even shown that it could be an integral cog in boosting the Indian entertainment sector significantly. What’s holding it back? More importantly, what’s holding YOU back from diving into gambling?

What Goes, What Doesn’t!

The nature of the game. Games that hinge on luck and random chance are a no-go. Think slot machines, roulette and Blackjack are few to be noted, and these games that favor skill-based outcomes, however, are considered fair game, such as fantasy league sports, rummy, poker, etc.

The physical location in the country. While the Act has nationwide jurisdiction, in the modern era, each state has the authority to adopt the act as it deems fit.

Online Casino Gambling Platform

Xe88 latest apk Corner:

As far as the IPC goes, xe88 latest apk comes under the IT Act. There’s no specific mention of anything associated with gambling at all. You and I are free to enjoy gambling, provided it’s from foreign hosts.

There are roadblocks on the way. Much like the grey area where the gambling sits in and the government tries to subtly curb it through ISP-blocking and transaction blocking.

Even though the Act has no provisions or guidelines regarding the gambling on foreign-based platforms, there are hurdles in the way. However, these can easily be worked around through VPNs and secure payment portals. Here’s the icing on the cake: since many companies are based internationally, the earnings you get may even be exempted from taxation!


Though xe88 latest apk is still in the initial phase in the country, the future holds promise for the game. For the record, gambling is a 100% legitimate way to spend your recreation time. If you want to take the plunge, go ahead! You can visit for more information.